BasketballAnalyzeR is an R package developed by Marco Sandri, Paola Zuccolotto and Marica Manisera providing functions for basketball analystics. It will accompany the forthcoming book:

P. Zuccolotto and M. Manisera (2020) Basketball Data Science – With Applications in R, Chapman and Hall/CRC.

Supplementary material for the book

Codes for reproducing the case studies presented throughout the book with BasketballAnalyzeR – R code checked under R-3.5.3 for Windows (64 bit) and for Mac OS X 10.11

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Overview of the book (Chapter Abstracts)

Authors have invested a lot of time and effort in creating this package. Please give credit and cite BasketballAnalyzeR when you use it for data analysis.

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Download BibTeX citations for the book and the R package BasketballAnalyzeR

How to install BasketballAnalyzeR

Step 1 – Installing R
Step 2 – Installing BasketballAnalyzeR

There are two alternative procedures, that can be optionally chosen by the user.
Note that R must be run “as administrator”.



With BasketballAnalyzeR the following packages are automatically installed: ggplot2, hexbin, plyr, dplyr, tidyr, rlang, magrittr, ggrepel, gridExtra, scales, MASS, directlabels, corrplot, ggplotify, network, sna, dendextend, circlize, PBSmapping, sp, operators, stringr, GGally, statnet, common, ggnetwork, readr.

Data for exercises

All the data are in .Rdata format and can be used to reproduce the analyses presented in the book on other datasets

Supplementary code


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